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   Valerie Hendley


Valerie was born into a love of languages. Originally from Casablanca, Morocco, Valerie spoke 4 languages by the age of 4. She spoke French at home with her parents, Spanish with her grandparents, Arabic with the government staff, and Hebrew because of her faith. Her family eventually relocated to Marseilles, France and by age of 11 she was learning English, 9 years before she got married and moved to the United States. At the age of 13 she began Italian, then at the age of 15 she took a year of Russian; then in her thirties she began learning Greek. Her love of languages has turned into a lifelong passion.

Valerie has spent her career sharing that passion with others. She knows that anyone, at any age, can learn a new language but the impact of teaching new languages to younger children, as soon as possible, has the greatest impact.

While living in England, she ran a business for 7 years establishing after school French and Spanish clubs at over 15 different schools. Upon returning back to Kentucky, she decided to share this expertise with her community and established Pathos, Inc., a not for profit organization with the mission of sharing the love of learning languages and multiculturalism with her community. Pathos, Inc.'s first initiative was the outreach program, Fun with Languages, an afterschool club to teach French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese in Western Kentucky schools.

Valerie loves to introduced languages to learners of all ages from school-aged kids, to entrepreneurs, and to senior citizens!











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