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Make a Difference

Inspire a child by giving a gift that lasts a lifetime. Become a StarBright Sponsor!


Here at StarBright we:


Surrond children with teachers who immerse them in languages different from their own.

Prioritize empathy and respect, while encouraging freedom and individuality.

Encourage hands-on learning and the freedom to work cooperatively with others.

Guide children to become more creative learners, better problem solvers, and advanced critical thinkers.

Believe every child deserves the advantages an immersive program has to offer, and strives to be accessible to every child.


Our hope is to offer this experience to a diverse group of our community's children. With a minimal operating cost of $60 per week, per child, children gain access to the most effective learning style in an immersive, multilingual environment. While many families can afford to send their children to StarBright, many others cannot.

The benefits of children being exposed to bilingual/multilingual environments are numerous. The research in the field of neurobiology particularly shows that they score higher on math/science/language tests, develop stronger critical-thinking skills, socialize better, and become more compassionate adults.

We would be so grateful to you to consider sponsoring a child to attend StarBright! The cost to sponsor one child is $880 per trimester ($2640 per year).

We are thrilled to accept donations of any amount. Your donation will be tax-deductible. Additionally, we would feature you (or your business) on our website and social media pages as one of our generous partners. 


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