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Our Mission

We aim to foster the development of each unique child in a multilingual environment.  

Our Philosophy

Most of us learn by doing and it's very much the same when learning new languages. We learn new languages by immersing ourselves in them while we engage all our senses to navigate our world. StarBright invites everyone to come learn and experience the joy of multilingual immersion regardless of their age, socioeconomic status, or family dynamic. We believe that it is important to meet a person's individual needs, goals, and learning styles; therefore, we offer a variety of programs from child-led learning environments to more structured classes. StarBright's staff utilizes a variety of tools, from music, imaginative play, games, arts and crafts, to field trips in order to immerse our students in learning about languages and culture. Students will learn new languages through real life situations. We sing, we dance, we play games, and we eat lunch - but in a new language!


Our Programs

StarBright Preschool (ages 2-5)

StarBright Preschool programs are geared for children from 2 to 5. If you want your children to learn a new language this is the best place to start! Not only will your child benefit from the joys of knowing multiple languages but the cognitive and neurological impacts of learning more than one language are profound.  Our brains are a muscle - the more that we use them the stronger they will be. Research strongly supports the benefits of learning new languages at an early age; in addition, young children are less intimated and inhibited to learn new things.

StarBright Learning Center's multi-language preschool program is a 5 day a week program for children 2 and up. We offer half days and full days; priority is given to those who enroll full time. 

Our multilingual preschool program combines child-led learning with nurturing guidance in order to explore our world. Students are encouraged to engage all their senses through art, literature, science, nature, movement, music, and drama. Our program capitalizes on children's natural curiosity of the world in order to create lifetime love of learning. By exploring our community, our neighborhood and nature we aim to awaken children's sense of themselves in a global world.


StarBright is now proud to be able to offer these services at two facilities, in Paducah and MurrayCheck out our pages for specific programs and available classes!  



The mission of Pathos Inc. and StarBright Language Center is to bring the joy of languages to everyone! We never want lack of funds to keep a student from gaining the benefits of learning a new language. Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we offer a variety of scholarships for our different programs. To apply please fill out application below.



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