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StarBright Explorers (0 months - 5 years old)

StarBright Explorer programs are geared for children from birth to 5ish! If you want your children to learn a new language this is the best place to start! Not only will your child benefit from the joys of knowing multiple languages but the cognitive and neurological impacts of learning more than one language are profound.  Our brains are a muscle the more that we use them the stronger they will be. Research strongly supports the benefits of learning new languages at an early age; in additon young children are less intimated and inhibited to learn new things.


StarBright Explorer courses -


Baby and Me

This class is designed to introduce infants to languages spoken outside of the home. Parents and/or caregivers attend the classes with their babies, infants and toddlers. We will sing songs, use movement and engage our senses to expose their little brains, ears and eyes to new languages. Baby and Me classes are offered in 5-6 week sessions for one hour at StarBright Learning Center. The first half of the class is structured circle time and then parents or caregivers are welcome to stay and explore all the wonderful activities, toys, imaginative play sets and instruments StarBright Learning Center has to offer. Please check below for our schedule of Baby and Me classes offered.


Preschool Program

StarBright Learning Center's multi-language preschool program is a 3 day a week program for children 3 and up who are potty trained. We offer half days, full days, with 1, 2 and 3 day spots; priority is given to those who enroll full time. 

Our multilingual preschool program combines child led learning with nurturing guidance in order to explore our world.Students are encouraged to engage all of their senses through art, literature, science, nature, movement, music and drama. Our program capitalizes on children's natural curiosity of the world in order to create lifetime love of learning. By exploring our community, our neighborhood, and nature, we aim to awaken children's sense of themselves in a global world.


StarBright on the Go

Who loves horses? Who loves strawberries? StarBright on the Go takes our love of learning and curiosity on the road for fun filled learning multilingual field trips. We typically schedule field trips on the last Friday of the month. These are typically free or low costs activities that allow us to explore outside the area of downtown Paducah. Parents, grandparents or caregivers bring StarBright students to field trip and stay and learn with them. We usually picnic together and enjoy a little fellowship. This is a great way to get to know our fabulous teachers and staff a little bit more!

StarBright Adventurers 

StarBright Adventurers are programs designed for school age children. We offer a variety of programs: after-school programs, Saturday morning classes, and homeschool classes.


Summer Program

Preschoolers are joined by school age peers in the summer for a little less structure and  a little more play!  We welcome your school age kids to play and learn with us in the summer for age appropriate and engaging activities!  This summer camp will be in French and Spanish! Our summer program capitalizes on the wealth of programs, parks and partnerships with other area organizations that work with children to create a jam-packed fun-filled schedule to keeps kids playing, engaged and having a blast in the summer!


StarBright Language Labs -

StarBright Beacons

You're never too old to learn new languages. In fact some studies attribute multilingualism having protective effects against dementia and Alzheimers. StarBright Learning Center offers a variety of courses for adults and life long learners. Whether you just always wanted to learn French, or you need Spanish to communicate with a new client we are here to help you. We offer a variety of courses throughout the year as well as private tutoring. Check out our class schedule or give us a call to set private classes!

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